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Welcome to T O N E D! We are a community focused on empowering the everyday beauty connoisseur while shifting the tone and focusing on diversity and inclusiveness within the beauty space.


There isn't room for "one shade fits all" within the beauty community. It's time for a change with purpose where differences should be celebrated, cultures should be represented and not "trended", and all tones should be loved without scrutiny. 


Our mission and goal is quite simple! We are here to bring representation to real people of all shades and all cultures! We strive to create a safe haven to embrace all shades and all tones in between that are underrepresented.


“Being an African American beauty influencer i’ve learned and noticed so much within the beauty community. When it comes to cosmetics, most of the products I used and reviewed catered to the lighter spectrum. It wasn’t until recent years where being melanated became a trend and brands started “inclusifying” and “diversifying” products. TONED was created to make a statement that every skin complexion should be represented when creating products. Every tone should be equally thought about instead of monopolizing and capitalizing off what every tone has to deal with daily.”




“My tone is made!”



CEO & Founder

         Brittany Chanelle

Brittany Chanelle


 T O N E D



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