Back to Basics| Makeup for Beginners

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

I can’t believe we are almost 6 months into the year! OMG! Time, you can slow down already. Sincerely, someone who has too much to do, haha! But seriously, heyyy TONED FAM! Today we are digging into makeup, meaning I will be telling you all the things that you will need in your makeup kit to get a flawless makeup application if you are just getting started in makeup and have no clue where to begin this post is for you as I will be bringing you “Back to Basics| Makeup for Beginners.”

I created a video on my YouTube channel a while ago about this topic and I will include it down below. The video is a little old but very informative. To this day I always get tons of questions from both friends and family about how to get started, the tools that should be used, so on and so forth. So today, I will be explaining all of that to you.

So let’s get started!

Back to Basics| Makeup for Beginners

1. Skin Care

If you are just getting started in makeup, it is important to have a good skin care regimen DOWN! The reason why is because when you start wearing makeup, the texture of your skin begins to change. Also, as you get older your skin begins to develop and change as well. To ensure that your skin stays smooth and that you age gracefully you are going to want to make sure that you have a good skin care regimen down. You want to ensure that you are protecting your skin and face, but that is a whooooole new video and blog post that I will post about soon. This step is essential when it comes to “Back to Basics Makeup for Beginners.”

2. Skin Prep

Now one may think and say that skin prep is the same as skincare but it’s not. Skin care is something that you do every day. It’s a regimen that you use to help cleanse your face and give it the care that it needs both morning and night regardless of makeup application. Skin Prep is something you do right before applying makeup. This includes moisturizer with SPF and the use of a primer. What is primer? Primer is a product that is used for your specific skin needs. For example, if you are someone with oily skin, then you may want to use a more mattifying primer. If you are someone with Dry skin, then you may want to use a primer that is more hydrating and that will give your skin a nice glow. The list goes on and on for primer use.

3.  Brow Products

There are different kinds of brow products out there that one can use. So today I will mention a few and go in depth a little later. Maybe when I create a brow tutorial for you all. For now, here are the basics.

Brow pencil- Will give your brow a nice natural appearance and shape. You can make the brow dramatic if you apply the right amount of pressure when applying the product.Brow gel- This can be used when you don’t need to add shape to the brow and want more of a natural appearance with a little bit of tint. (Great for everyday makeup days)Brow Pomade- This is a paste-like product that can be used if you want a really bold eyebrow look.Brow Powder- This can be used if you want a natural brow or bold brow. The only downfall is that you will need a brow pencil in order to create your desired brow.

4. Eyeshadow 

As a beginner in makeup, you do not need a huge eyeshadow palette collection until you learn how to apply eyeshadow properly and blend like nobodies business. If you are just getting started, having a palette similar to the one in the video is all you will need. Also, you will be going through a lot of trial and error when you are just starting out, so no need in wasting money until you figure out what kind of makeup wearer you are. (Everyday, Full Glam, Soft Glam, etc. etc)

5. Mascara

There are so many mascaras out there that are great for your needs. Depending on if you are looking for volume or length will determine the kind of mascara you get. I will explain more once we actually start shopping 📷

6. Foundation 

Depending on your skin type (Another blog post) will determine the kind of foundation you will get. Also, depending on if you like the feel of makeup on your face will determine if you wear powder or liquid foundation, a heavy full coverage foundation or a lightweight foundation.

7. Concealer

Concealer is good to have in your makeup kit if you are just starting out because it will help conceal anything that you want to be covered up. If you suffer from acne, scarring, etc., etc., you can use concealer to correct your skin before foundation application. Also, you can use concealer to highlight your under eyes and bring light to that area of the face. You can use a concealer that is 1-2 shades darker if you want to contour and bring depth/dimension to the face.

8. Setting Powder 

Setting powder is used to set your liquid or cream products to help prevent them from creasing. It is good to have this in your kit if you want your makeup to last for some time.

9. Bronzer

Bronzer can be used to help warm up the face and bring color back to it.

10. Lip color

This is optional because not everyone is comfortable with wearing a lip color on their lips. If this is the case then I recommend 1-2 shades which are a nude and a bold color. Something you can wear every day and something you can wear on a night out.

Well, glams that completes the first part of what I recommend for people just starting out in makeup. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

I will also be taking you all along with me shopping so stay tuned for that!



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