The Struggle of a Young Black Professional

Written By: Nsi Amah

Finding full-time work today is frustrating, it is more frustrating for a black college graduate. This is incredibly frustrating when you have done the work, internships, got

the connections and still companies don't pay you what you deserve. Many companies

will offer you a lower pay or salary even if you have the resume and references to prove

that you are a valuable asset to the company. At times, your unique name can go

against you because the potential employer knows, based on your resume, that you are

a person of color applying for a job.

During this tough time as a black professional, it is best to know your worth and ask for

more even though they will turn you down. Think of it like this, you will get one thousand

no's before you get that one yes. This is how things work today but you have to know

your worth as a black woman, otherwise, you won't earn the respect that you deserve.

You have to polish that resume as fancy as you can get it and start throwing it around

until the fish start to bite. At least with the interviews that you will attend, you will get the

practice that you will need. Practice will only improve you as time goes on.

I remember I was applying to a start-up company in New York City and the manager told me that she loved me in the interviews. She told me that I would be a good fit for

her team, although I have a part-time job back in New Jersey. She also gave me the paperwork stating that she is going with another candidate. She emailed this to me because

she would rather have her candidate live in New York and have time within their schedule.

So that experience was disheartening because I have been searching for a job in New

York for almost a year before this.

For the manager to tell me that I was fit for the team and then change her mind about

me within the same week was unprofessional on her end. So I took the news with a

grain of salt but I had to explain to her how unprofessional she was to me. When

managers treat you unprofessionally during your job search, don't be afraid to speak up

about it. Usually, they are unaware of their actions because no one addresses it to

them. So be sure to speak your mind politely and hope that they learn from their

experience with you.

As a young black professional, know your worth and don't settle for less. No company

will have the power to deceive you once you have that self-confidence. It won't be an

easy journey but it will be worth it in the end. You have to remember to speak your mind

when they are not professional with you nor fair. As long as your resume and your

awesome interview outfit represent you, nothing can stop you. Young black

professionals are needed and we have to set a path for the younger generation

because it will be much harder for them. Stay strong and keep yourself sharp.



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