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In a industry meant for all, it seemed for a while many were ignored. The industry being referred to is the cosmetics industry. For what seems like FOREVER those who were unique, melanated, or indifferent were not thought of in the cosmetics world. Someone who was considered different had to “fit” into european standards in order to be seen as beautiful! However, we are now in a time where we have to put those stigmas aside and embrace what is naturally there and “WORK WHAT OUR MAMA GAVE US!”

- Beauty seems to be your passion, when did you get into the beauty industry and when did you notice the lack of diversity?

Back in Spring of 2015 I began watching YouTube makeup tutorials and that's when my love for all things beauty truly began. I was enrolled in college at the time, however, I had to take some time off in order to save money to return. During that time, I turned to youtube and began practicing makeup and even went to the extent of making my own tutorials. When I finally returned back to school my passion to influence turned into my part-time gig because it allowed me to be creative while sharing my favorite products. While testing different cosmetics I noticed finding the right shade had become nearly impossible, which made it hard to recommend products to my audience. I remember this one video where I tried a hyped about product but the color was AWFUL, literally had me looking grey (video here)! That's when I new I had to do something to make a change if change is what I wanted to see.

- What was the pivotal moment you thought "I have to do this and I have to do it now?"

Being apart of the beauty community I noticed a sh*t load of disrespect when it came to beauty products that suited "every" shade. Here we are in the 21st century, 2019 to be exact and yet these top named brands didn't give a sh*t about us until Jackie Aina took a stand. Brands were convinced that creating shades that worked for darker skin tones would be too hard. However, jokes on them. I won't be a debbie downer though, after much work and many voices heard, companies FINALLY decided to create more shades that fit multiple complexions that go beyond the medium hue. However, every brand that came out with an expansion of their shade range made me see that this is just for the "trend." That's when it hit me that I had to do this. It's important to me that these brands look beyond complexion and really get an understanding of peoples cultures and who they are as a person. Skin is not a trend and it's important to shed light on that.

-TONED is a unique name for such a movement, why TONED?

When it came to naming my brand, I wanted to create a movement, a statement rather. I knew I wanted to use something that makes a statement, something that has grave meaning behind the word. That's when I took to the dictionary and thesaurus to find words that identified with color because I knew what ever I chose, I wanted to mean just that. TONED defines every shade and every hue. It's a statement that no matter our shade we are all FIERCELY TONED and we are all beautifully made.

- What is your favorite quote when it comes to the TONED brand?


This quote is literally my obsession at the moment! It's such a statement and represents our exact movement, which is embracing who you are in such a toxic industry/community.


 T O N E D



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