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Real people. All tones. All cultures. 

A brand striving for diversity and inclusivity within the beauty space. Home of the #fiercelytoned movement. 

Toned is a brand looking to grow its outreach and share stories of many who have one thing in common within their community. Lack of inclusion and diversity. In order to grow, we are looking to expand our team with a diverse group of individuals that believe in our mission. 

The roles at Toned are unpaid at this time. However, the experience and knowledge that will be gained can be carried on. 

Jobs to be announced soon!



Do you believe us when we say beauty is culture? Well it's true, without culture where would the latest beauty trends come from? We want to hear from you! Do you love all things beauty? Do you believe in our mission? Would you like your writing to be published? Then you're in the right spot girl! Our very own TONED BLOG is now open to receiving contributor articles!

You don't have to be a professional writer to contribute, but we are looking for well-written pieces that demonstrate a passion for all things beauty with cultural representation in mind. Preferably we are looking for original articles on the following subjects:

  • Your own personal beauty journey (journey to self-love, hair journey, mental health journey, and SO much more)

  • Unique cultural beauty trends that relate to your culture

  • In depth CLEAN product reviews/comparisons

  • Have your own idea? Pitch it to us!

Please understand we can't offer financial compensation at this time, we will however, tag and feature contributors on all our social media pages, and receive a FREE T-Shirt from our TONED merch!

Here's what to do:

Before submitting any work to us, please be sure to check out our set of guidelines. Then, email us your pitch/article ideas to with the subject "TONED GUEST FREELANCE CONTRIBUTOR", If you've already drafted a story you think might be a great fit for our company, go ahead and send it! 

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind: 

1. Check out our website

Our mission is quite simple. We want to create a safe beauty space for women, men, and nonbinary people of color to come learn, share, and feel valued within the beauty space. We advise you to check out our already published content to see if you understand the overall feel of "TONED" and our mission.

2. Submit original work

Original work is a must. If you have work of your own from other publications such as your blog, other websites, or magazines we must have written consent to use and publish that particular article. 

3. Include photos

All images must be your own work or you must own the rights to the images provided. Each image provided must be JPG or PNG.

4. Freelancing/contributing is unpaid work

TONED works hard to represent the voices of all tones and all cultures that feel neglected within the beauty space. While we are working to become a sustainable brand that can pay our contributors, it is currently not feasible at our current budget. 

Please email all submissions to


 T O N E D



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